Saturday, December 10, 2016

Princess of Glass and Fire

In the distant lands of the sun, where life is blood and fire, the astrologers of the day and the seers of fire have looked into the future and seen only darkness. A world consumed by an unknown danger, from a distant land. Hiding the relic of their people, they have sent their princess to warn the other nations across the waves of salt to warn the other peoples.

She is Citlalmina, a proud warrior from one of the more powerful tribes, sent with enchanted gifts to help her with this sacred quest. The first is the Tecuini, tattoos that span her short but powerful frame, dark red on her dark brown skin. They increase her might, making her stronger as blood is spilled upon her skin, be it from friend, foe, or the princess herself. Her second gift is an enchanted macuahuitl, said to have been taken from a god, which can shrink and grow at its owner’s will, becoming as small as a kitchen knife or large enough to lift sand dunes on its side, though it would also become too heavy for any mortal to lift.

This hopeful saviour of the world is young, and short of stature, but has proven herself in numerous battles, and has earned the right to fulfill this quest. Her clothing is mostly the thin, green robes she would wear in her arid homeland, with more maneuverable underclothes so that she can always be ready if attacked.

When dealing with a battle or a city, she has a very direct way of dealing with things, a tendency to ignore complications and take the clear solution, unless someone she trusts advises against it. Having crossed the great sea by herself, there’s no telling what she’ll find in this strange land, but perhaps she’ll find friends who can help her stop the unknown terror that’s coming.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tribes of the Rialos

To the west lies a vast desert, such that no man can truly claim to have crossed it, though there are myths among the natives that the gods live beyond the sands. The peoples of Rialos aren’t a true nation, but rather a group of tribes with a fluid alliance, showing preference with who they choose to aid. The Rialos desert holds little to support large populations, but beneath the sands can be found great veins of metal and ore, and once the ancient temples full of ambrosia. With so few ready to become knights, the magic of this land is largely built into golems, which are essentially their armies and their currency, at least for the wealthy.

The majority of these golems are about human sized, known as knave class, with just enough intelligence and physical power to make them excellent slaves or decent soldiers. Smaller golems of goblin class are also used, but only somewhat rarely, as they can only perform very simple, easy tasks such as fetching a small object for their master, or unfold a rug. Even more rare are the knight class golems, equivalent in size to the majority of arcan armour, usually around four meters tall. These golems possess great strength and near-human intelligence, but without a soul their minds are strange and unknowable, and so they are only created with great caution as advisors or bodyguards for the wealthiest tribes.

Southern tribes of the Rialos are the most war torn, often embroiled in vicious battles with the powerful Omassan Empire, territory quickly changing hands between the hardy Rialos people and the island natives of Omassa. The eastern nation of Gillianos is likewise occupied battling the Empire, though they cannot be counted as allies to the Rialos tribes, and often end up in skirmishes whenever encountered.