Saturday, July 27, 2019

1d100 Character Memories

Still working on my city generator, but this list of character memories is fully filled out, one hundred with no repeats!* Hopefully this will help with generating new characters, especially for players who don't have much experience with roleplaying/writing, and with so many they can roll as many as they want.

*I think

1d100 memories
  1. Parents used to cook a special meal.
  2. Parents punished minor misbehavior with beatings.
  3. Family was an unstable web of distrust and manipulation.
  4. Siblings were always competing to outdo one another.
  5. Grew up with a beloved doll.
  6. Family was killed in war.
  7. Family died of plague.
  8. Parents restricted personal interests.
  9. Parents paid little attention.
  10. Saw a travelling magic show when it stopped in town.
  11. Bullied by other local children.
  12. Had something precious stolen.
  13. Had something valuable stolen.
  14. One of the local children had a memorable quirk.
  15. Played nobility with other children.
  16. Had an imaginary friend.
  17. Encountered magic before adventuring.
  18. Nearly died in an accident.
  19. Ran away from home.
  20. Created a secret language with friends.
  21. Had a tryst with someone from a different class in society.
  22. Attended a royal execution.
  23. Got kidnapped.
  24. Did something incredible, thanks to luck.
  25. Befriended a wild animal.
  26. Parents praised every effort.
  27. A hated pet died.
  28. A beloved pet died.
  29. Got into a really embarrassing accident.
  30. Knew how to play an instrument, but forgot.
  31. Worked at a festival.
  32. Got lost on a trip through the city.
  33. Witnessed a supernatural possession.
  34. Survived a very dangerous accident through luck.
  35. Got saved from a very dangerous accident.
  36. Looked up to a local knight.
  37. Feared a local knight.
  38. Family shared everything.
  39. Found true love, but lost it.
  40. Sought true love, but never found it.
  41. Never wanted true love, but faked it for someone else.
  42. Deemed blessed by the clergy.
  43. Deemed cursed by the clergy.
  44. Broke into a house with other children.
  45. Broke into a house alone.
  46. Found a treasure, had it stolen.
  47. Found a treasure, and wasted it.
  48. Had a terrible experience with drugs.
  49. Had a terrific experience with drugs.
  50. Thought an animal spoke to them once. It did.
  51. Thought an animal spoke to them once. It didn't.
  52. Heard the voice of a god.
  53. Parents spoke of a family curse.
  54. Once got embarrassed by a relative.
  55. Honored by a visiting relative.
  56. Shamed by a distant relative.
  57. Targeted by a nasty rumor.
  58. Used a nasty rumor against a peer.
  59. One step removed from a local scandal.
  60. Was once the center of a local scandal.
  61. Shook an addiction.
  62. Celebrated the passage of victorious soldiers.
  63. Hid while allied soldiers raided.
  64. Hosted peaceful enemy soldiers.
  65. Watched the passage of defeated soldiers.
  66. Hid while enemy soldiers raided.
  67. Wrote a love song that didn't work out.
  68. Wrote a love song that worked perfectly.
  69. Came up with a drinking song that really picked up.
  70. Came up with a drinking song that nobody ever joins.
  71. Watched an elderly relative die.
  72. Witnessed murder in a semi-public area.
  73. Witnessed sex in a semi-public area.
  74. Joined a secret ritual in the wilderness.
  75. Joined a secret ritual in town.
  76. Tried a strange and exotic dish that was delicious.
  77. Tried a strange and exotic dish that was sickening.
  78. Rode a ship once.
  79. Parents had a really nice dining set.
  80. Once saw a magic item one parent secretly owned.
  81. One of the neighbors wasn't human, nobody else knew.
  82. One of the neighbors wasn't human, everybody knew.
  83. Spent a night in the castle.
  84. Spent a night in the wilderness.
  85. Spent a night in the dungeon.
  86. Helped a merchant make a sale.
  87. Stopped a con artist from pulling a scam.
  88. Helped a con artist pull off a scam.
  89. Scammed a traveller once.
  90. Scammed a neighbor once, they never caught on.
  91. Scammed a neighbor once, later they realized.
  92. Got into an argument against all the other children.
  93. Got into an argument against the entire family.
  94. Got into an argument with one peer.
  95. Got into an argument with one relative.
  96. Saw something unforgettable that nobody else remembers.
  97. Everyone always talked about something crazy that you couldn't have forgotten.
  98. Once got injured practicing with a weapon.
  99. Pulled off a stupid dare.
  100. Failed a stupid dare.