Sunday, October 31, 2021

Auto Generator repository

Character generator, using races and classes based on Tajira, my homebrew setting. If you want to change those details though, it should be perfectly usable for just about any setting, from epic to historical fantasy. Also, it generates a fully original name each time, so feel free to just roll up names! (This is probably my best work here, and also the most liable to change.) 

(The character generator has been removed until I have a better sense of the world and some more well established content.)
Name generator:


Weapon generator:

Specific sword generator, because swords are surprisingly unusual in a lot of weirdly specific ways:

Shield generator:




Crystals! After following a lot of mineral and crystal accounts on social media I feel like a major element fantasy crystals tend to miss out on is the sense of contrast that's almost inherent to any crystal. So I tried to capture that, as well as the incredible, beautiful variety of crystals.

Notes: this page is where I'll be keeping all my auto-generator buttons. They're fun to make, but I don't want to fill my blog with endless posts of just one or two generators. Instead, I'm going to make this post, pin it somewhere prominent, and just add generators to it whenever I make them! I won't be deleting my old generator posts, but I'll probably be redoing as many of them as I feel are worth preserving and posting it all here. The generators in the current sidebar will likely be replaced with a link to this post.

As always, all of these are thanks to Spwack on Slight Adjustments for creating an incredible tool that lets you, yes you! turn your lists of words into auto generator buttons. I've failed to learn programming around half a dozen times so if I can use the tool to make these, truly anyone can.

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  1. This is neat. I like the idea of rolling on the Nightmare table to figure out what sort of fears haunt an NPC.