Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Wand Generator


  1. Fire
  2. Ice
  3. Lightning
  4. Oil
  5. Grasp
  6. Shrink
  7. Polymorph (bear, lynx, hawk, deer, rabbit, or horse)
  8. Negation (magic/fire/sound)


  1. Individual (creature or item)
  2. Line
  3. Cone
  4. Circle
  5. Wall
  6. Nearest sound
  7. Nearest magic
  8. Random

  1. Wood: Plain wooden wand.
  2. Base metal: Iron, nickel, copper, lead, zinc, or a combination.
  3. Noble metal: Gold, silver, platinum, mercury(?), electrum, or a combination.
  4. Stone: Crude granite, fine marble, or even limestone.
  5. Gem: Ruby or sapphire, maybe quartz if you want.
  6. Glass: Preferably of a bright color, or hollow and full of liquid.
  7. Animal: Bone, bound leather, or a living worm.
  8. Reroll twice, combine results.
  1. Straight: A plain, straight wand.
  2. Forked: Splits into two ends, or maybe two handles.
  3. Flat: Broad and flattened, like a small plank.
  4. Crooked: Bent oddly.
  5. Spiral: Twists around like a corkscrew.
  6. Ring: Donut shaped, like a horseshoe or chakram.
  7. Object: Looks like a random mundane object, but is still clearly magical.
  8. Reroll twice, combine results.
  1. Bulbs: Rounded irregularities along the length of the wand.
  2. Thorns: Long spines or tiny bumps.
  3. Ripples: As if it was the surface of a lake as a stone skips, frozen and coiled into your hand.
  4. Grooves: As if gouged out with the tip of a blade.
  5. Holes: Running through the wand, possibly making it a tube.
  6. Runes: In whatever language you like.
  7. Utility: Functions as or contains in its design a mundane item, such as a key behind the handle, or a small holding compartment.
  8. Reroll twice, combine results.
  1. Glowing: Could pulse, or glow at certain times.
  2. Sparking: Might crackle intermittently, or when used.
  3. Flaming: Illusory, harmless flames or a candle flame at the tip.
  4. Oozing: Drips onto the floor, the user's hand, targets.
  5. Distortion: Causes a lensing effect around the wand, like a black hole or heat waves.
  6. Debris: Small chunks or dust float around it, or comprise part of its length.
  7. Voice: Echoes, whispers, screaming, or humming
  8. Reroll twice, combine results.

7: Shrink
5: Wall
7: Animal
2: Forked
Cracked and split
5: Holes
Cracks that run through the bone
2: Sparking
In the marrow

This dry, broken bone still feels somehow alive with twisted energy. It splits near the end, and inside the many cracks and holes there can sometimes be seen a crackle of dark energy. Casts out an elongated field of dark indigo lightning that will reach out to shock anything that passes over it, reducing its size dramatically for a brief period.

2: Fire
4: Circle
3: Noble metal (3: Platinum)
1: Straight
3: Ripples
Carvings of fish and waves
4: Oozing
Fish oil or algae

Powerful in the hands of a merfolk, on the surface world it feels slick and stinks of the sea. Some may call it cursed, but in truth it is simply out of place. Its power causes all liquid within the area of effect to ignite with green flames that burn water almost as if it were oil.

6: Negation
3: Cone
8: Combination of 6: Glass and 3: Noble metal (4: Mercury)
Hollow glass, full of mercury
4: Crooked
3: Ripples
5: Distortion
Extends the pattern of the ripples

An elongated, narrow cone of glass. It has a rough surface, carved in a wavy pattern that seems to extend an inch or so beyond the surface. Inside it contains some liquid metal that seems averse to heat.

Seems good for making some crazy looking wands. Maybe I'll come up with a wand effect table, or you can just use your spell list of choice.