Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Class questions

There are some good built-in questions that you can ask in D&D to flesh out your character and your story based on the class you've chosen, but the game doesn't actually ask these questions, so they can be easy to ignore. Here are some good questions for any D&D character, starting with "What are you hiding?" Each class will also have two more specific questions as well.


  • What are you hiding?
  • What do you rage against?
  • What confuses you about these people and their customs?


  • What are you hiding?
  • What do you play?
  • Why do you play it?


  • What are you hiding?
  • Why were you chosen?
  • What do you miss about the church?


  • What are you hiding?
  • How did you first wild shape?
  • What do you hate or fear most about civilization?


  • What are you hiding?
  • Where did you fight before?
  • Who do you admire?


  • What are you hiding?
  • How were you trained?
  • Why did you leave the monastery?


  • What are you hiding?
  • What do you stand against?
  • How do you pray?


  • What are you hiding?
  • Who is your favorite animal?
  • Why do you hunt for yourself?


  • What are you hiding?
  • What was your greatest heist?
  • How have you lost it?


  • What are you hiding?
  • How has your bloodline affected your family?
  • How did your bloodline awaken?


  • What are you hiding?
  • Why did you take the deal?
  • How do you feel about your patron?


  • What are you hiding?
  • Who taught you magic?
  • What do your spells look like?


  • What are you hiding?
  • What was the first magic item you saw?
  • How do you get materials?


The incredible Cavegirl over on Cavegirl's Game Stuff is working on an incredible game called Dungeon Bitches. That's where I got this idea from, and I highly recommend checking out her blog (if you somehow follow this one but not that one). This was fun to make because it's kind of easy to come up with questions but each one creates so much empty space that people could fill out with their characters. I have a lot of trouble writing characters, so I really like seeing stuff like this (again, thanks Cavegirl) because it helps guide things a lot more. No art this time, but I hope you enjoy the stuff that I've made anyways.

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  1. I made this Starting Questions thing for Dungeon World some time ago: