Monday, June 17, 2019

The Hearts of War

Haruspices and surgeons of the dead can attest that years of battle and training can twist the body in subtle ways, most notably in the heart. Certain kinds of adventurers will even develop strange, signifying changes to that fleshy core of their being.


Textured similar to chain mail, with a form that is resilient and almost protective in a way.


Swift and powerful, pumping the lifeblood perhaps a big too eagerly. It stops beating very soon after death.


Beating in precise strokes, with a mildly dazzling sheen.


Burgeoning with small blades of iron, gushing blood and beating excitedly for the next battle.


Growing in strange ways, taking an unfamiliar shape with thorns and sometimes even grasping tendrils.


Sometimes filled with little gold-like pellets, as though the heart of a thief is trying to turn itself into a kind of coin purse.


Dark and sharp, shaped almost like a living blade. It seems to disappear somewhere every time you look away.


Covered in patterns like leaves, and colored with a hint of dark forest green.


Shaped slightly like a shield, there are stories of them turning aside the surgeon's blade.


Slightly twisted and drained of color, healers who use magical means report difficulty with this kind of stubborn organ.

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