Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Some monsters


HD: 3
Found in/number: dark parts of cities, violent roadways, 1d3

Appearance: as a hairless wolf (or other beast) with dark, translucent flesh and bones sharply visible, almost as if glowing. Similarly, a set of human bones rests in the stomach.
Voice: growling that sounds incongruently human.
Wants: vengeance. To hurt, kill, and die.
Morality: violent
Tactics: aggressive

Defense: 2
Speed: +3
Morale: 8

  1. bite or latch: light damage, +2 against prone targets.
  2. flare of spite: medium damage to anyone looking directly at it.
Created when a wolf or other beast eats a person who was consumed with hatred and a desire for revenge. The hound's hair will fall out as its body turns darker and more clear, becoming an undead monster when it vomits its own soul to make room for the hatred.


HD: 5
Found in: the darkest unholy pits.

Appearance: a black hand reaching up from the ground, larger than a person and shedding black dust. Pulls itself ten meters out of the ground to the elbow at half vigor, and then 20 meters to the shoulder at 5 vigor
Voice: dusty cracking and grinding, muted immense roaring from below your feet.
Wants: to grab the holy, slaughter mortals
Morality: blasphemous
Tactics: varied but blind

Defense: 4
Speed: +2 (immobile)
Morale: 6

  1. slam: heavy damage.
  2. grab: agility save to avoid. Next round, hard strength save to escape or take 2d6 damage. If it grabs a holy person, it will instead pull them down into the earth and not return.
Nobody knows what the full form of these demons might look like, but even as they are an encounter is always wildly dangerous. It is very flammable but immune to the flames, igniting it will add 1d6 fire damage to each of its attacks.

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