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Playable races

In my game there are no racial attributes, so players could easily be an elf, orc, dwarf, or any of these more interesting options. GMs can also feel free to come up with whatever new races they like, as long as they could reasonably function like a human.


Nomadic tribes found throughout the land, recognizable by their brightly colored skin, hair, and eyes. It's not common for them to intermingle with other tribes, but many tribes hold to a prophecy that a golden Cikrem of combined houses will unite the tribes and bring peace to their kind for millenia.
Their clothing tends toward dull, neutral coloration that contrasts with their vivid skin, and large, elaborate cowls or hoods. Cloaks, capes, and scarves are quite common in their fashion.
Many of them worship gods of light, such as flames, the sun, the moon, the stars, and glowing creatures from deep caves and odd seas.

Trip through Space by Kaya Kepa


Peoples from the dense underbrush of the woodlands, they are known for their black blood and bones. Because of these traits, they are believed to have poisonous flesh, and an affinity for similar dark arts.


Mountain dwellers who possess an extra joint in each of their arms and legs. Most find them off-putting and they are frequently assumed to be sneaky or agile, despite the famous kippil mercenary group named the Steel Cranes. In their homelands they often dig deep into the mountains and even have a few cities beneath the stone.


People with crystalline, iridescent hair and nails who call the deserts their home. It is a common belief that they are naturally honest and helpful, a fact which Veshkin thieves and scam artists do well to take advantage of.

Diamond by Harumi Namba


Inhabitants of cavernous valleys who possess broad, blunt horns on the sides of their head. They tend to be either very tall or very short, with average height Tula being considered rare and unattractive. Additionally, they are viewed as stubborn and brutish, although they culturally prefer diplomacy and negotiation over warfare.


A short race of humans whose bodies are covered in long stiff hairs that extend outward. Their language is quite fast, sounding chittering and confusing to outsiders, but it is quite comprehensive. Most tend not to wear clothing, and their natural hair generally covers them very well. In fact, it is considered more obscene among their people to shave than it is to be publicly nude.


People with hanging flaps of seemingly excess skin. They possess advanced medical techniques and have an elaborate culture around healers and the gentle fending off of sickness.


Denizens of the Great Umbral Forest, so overgrown that there is no grass growing under the shadows of the trees. Coming from such an environment, these people have a very faint glow about their eyes and mouths (including their saliva), and their skin tends to be dark with a greenish tint.


An empire of pale humans from frigid forests across the sea. Their skin has darker and lighter patches, and their teeth are unusually long and sharp, with unpleasantly small round eyes. Many of them were once united in a conquering empire, and most claim lineage to those days, though most others peoples have little fondness for that era.


Smaller of stature but strong of will, these people live in large but close knit communities and are somewhat well known for their large, colorful, singular eye. Despite having only one eye they are quite expressive, and in some black markets their eyes can be purchased as a youth restorative or material for fortune telling.


Oft alienated for their completely smooth bodies, without a hair to be found, nor nails on their fingers and toes. Their culture prohibits conflict or selfishness, but they have a reputation for being conniving and tricky. Generally they are very quick to integrate into new cultures when given the opportunity, and adopt new customs well.


A tall people with silvery skin and four, narrow eyes. They have a predilection for long robes and fine silk, and have a very insular culture.


People seemingly swollen with excess blood, with bodies bloated and tinged purple. They use their blood in a number of holy rites, and have a tendency to see the blood of other races as impure or cursed.


Far races

If you want to run a really out there or gonzo game, here are a few more wild race options that players might be interested in.


Beings that build cities in huge immutable metal rings, most of the time buried deep underground but always with at least some of the city on the surface. In their larval stage, they appear as eel-sized worm creatures which form small communes of five or six, which can act at the scale of a human.


Appearing like a shrub made of clear crystal, which moves by growing in a direction and shriveling behind. The 'leaves' hold items and pass them along as it moves. Their homeland is on the ceilings of vast underground caverns, though they cannot pass along walls or ceilings anywhere near the surface.


Appearing as what we would recognize as a human fetus, though a little larger than a watermelon, flowing in the air surrounded by an orb of fluid and a wavering field of delicate energy. Any items it possesses are held in this field by moderately strong, short-range telekinesis. Originating from hidden moons, they claim to have built the world but this is a myth.


Featherlike beings which are iridescent with flexible, strong filaments that usually wrap into a tubelike shape, and can thus hold items. They are able to change colors, and it is thought they were once able to perfectly recreate a human appearance.


Scaly tentacled beings with around nine long, flexible limbs and a round, spine covered body. Their limbs must coil together to hold the body upright or lift most human made items. They were created by a passing comet, which caused them to grow out of naturally formed mirrors.


Another floating race which looks like several rods of glass each holding a shimmering goo. At the tops of these rods they are open, and the goo extends upward into a more shapeless mass, which can use items. They say that in their realm, the glass is not necessary, and they can take their natural, majestic form.

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