Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Sonder Guards

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guard by Allon Kremer
  1. Saveck One-Arm: keeps a shield strapped to his armless side and prefers a spear. His family lives in the city but he doesn't like them, he's very proud of his vivid red belt, and he likes to learn new songs but only if someone else mentions it first.
  2. Marq Lucard de Swain: son of a local baron who has joined the guard because of some private dispute within the family. The youth's fellow guards show little love for him despite his best efforts, perhaps because of his naturally scowling countenance.
  3. Xom Girmjow: veteran from the war, she uses a mace and sometimes limps while patrolling, but is disdainful of offers to help. Tattoos peek out from beneath her close-shorn silvery hair, as well as her eyepatch.
  4. Uthgar Svenson: a huge man from colder seas, he carries a long axe and grins as he scans the crowds, eager for a fight more than anything. Wary of a rumor that he once killed someone in a tavern brawl, he will adamantly deny it.
  5. Sandragora the Kid: newly recruited veshkin with sapphire eyes and a spear she clutches as if it were a totem of safety. She also keeps a bag of letters from her parents at all times, and loves the smell of a freshly cooked meal.
  6. Rath Zakaj: foreigner from a strange land, he wields a curved sword and is always leaning on something. Watchful and careful, he mostly grew up locally and is very familiar with the streets culture, but still feels ostracized.
  7. Golm Zuster: night guard with a great interest in astrology. Easily distracted by constellations between the clouds, but has a very poor understanding of the stars. Keeps a copper mirror and tries to keep his appearance decent when anyone approaches.
  8. Zel Moru: a silent figure who wears a loose, form obscuring blue tunic. Wields a pentagonal shield and a polearm with a crescent shaped blade, and has a scar across their throat. Some say they practice sorcery, but wouldn't dare say such a thing to their face.
  9. Ghunt Morrel: grumpy since he was charged with assaulting a citizen, he wears an odd pointed hat but doesn't like to talk about it. Wields a voulge and never sits still, often pacing near the grocery markets.
  10. Silmarrot Fil: broad, friendly woman who always seems merry, and likes to offer drinks in conversation. Weapons are her hobby, and while she loves to examine exotic or unusual specimens, an impractical design will only irritate her.
  11. Sangul the Blind: an aging man who follows his dog. The beast is clearly the one in charge, having long learned how to manipulate the man. He likes to hear myths, and the dog usually trusts anyone who feeds it before speaking.
  12. Sevna Karsit: says she is the only one in her family to have survived a bandit attack while travelling. Horrific scars across her right arm bear testament to the story, and she now favors the left. She has snake fangs tattooed around her mouth, and is extremely vicious but controls her impulses.
  13. Barrez the Mountain: a small man from a village high in the mountains, who never parts with his climbing pick or pitons. He is allergic to feathers and uses a pig's bladder filled with water as a pillow.
  14. Shinish Vareen: nearly died from a drug overdose a little while back, and her eyes are always open uncomfortably wide. Since recovering, she seems to possess uncanny reflexes and says she can see a moment into the future. She carries three daggers in addition to her halberd, and wears a lot of simple jewelry.
  15. Nelixus: only, always goes by Nelixus, denying any attempt at a nickname or title, and rebuking efforts to discover his surname. Known for his pretty face and slight frame, he dislikes masculine affections. Seems to have a different color of trousers for every day of the week, and keeps a spare shield stashed near his post.
  16. Traev Summicks: always on their toes because they're nervous of being seen as a country bumpkin. Hard to confound because they'll simply ignore complications, but they get easily confused if the situation becomes hectic, and are likely to seek help from their sister who is also a guard.
  17. Sprin Vallen: feeds the crows, but hasn't noticed that they always call out to alert him whenever he's about to be surprised, be it by an ambush or simply a townsperson with a soft step. He would do practically anything for a jar of honey, and wears a strange chainmail with links that look like gears.
  18. Oasten the Broad: a wide-shouldered woman with somewhat thin looking arms for her frame. Carries an old bell at all times that one might think is sentimental, but she uses it often as a makeshift tool or cup. Licks her lips whenever she sees a rainbow, fantasizing about the piles of gold she truly believes lie at the end.
  19. Dorels Larce: an extremely short woman who carries a white ceramic jar but never opens it, and protects it fiercely. Despite her size she can jump higher than anyone else in the guard, and she uses a crossbow but carries an axe in case an enemy gets too close. Diligently reads philosophy, but feels embarrassed about it, and carries a grudge with parents she hasn't spoken to in a while.
  20. Lemmer Sepstav: a long-limbed guard who lives with their parents. Secretly makes a monthly pilgrimage to an abandoned temple out in the wilderness. They own an exotic blade that they take good care of, but only take a simple ranseur out on patrol. Tries to avoid looking at anything colored purple due to a superstition.
Red Guard by Brian Matyas
These are for rolling when the players want to walk up to a guard. Most likely they won't really pay attention to the details, but sometimes they may take an interest and go off on a new adventure which I've tried to give at least a bit of a starting point for, or just make a friend. I'll be working on lists for other kinds of characters such as shopkeepers, smiths, and other merchants later.
Sketch by Anastasia Ovchinnikova

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