Saturday, March 27, 2021

Worldbuilding: Wrestling Vines

Within the Mebirin jungles there are countless deadly plants and fungi. These natural traps hunt without limbs or teeth. One of the relatively less deadly but most well known is the Shocherik vine, a plant which lies dormant beneath mild flowers. Coiled tightly in the dirt and ready to spring. The moment a beast steps on the flowers and begins to move away, the vines burst forth and wrap themselves about the unsuspecting prey.


Lost, by Ksanda CreepyCrafts

There is a long-standing tradition in Mebirin to cultivate these vines. They are kept in pots, and bred to be mild. These potted vine flowers are used in semi-formalized competitions, put to the challenge of fighting one another. The gardeners are given small dishes of water with which to guide the growth of their vine, and the first pot to spill dirt onto the table or floor loses.

This is the sport of vine wrestling, a fine tradition and considered a thrilling type of battle in the Mebirin lands. Every five years, the Garden of Might is held. This tournament is not the greatest competition in all the lands, but it’s quite famous in Mebirin, and entrants from anywhere are allowed to compete.

The victor is given the Golden Seed, which is fated to either feed or destroy the entire land. None have been yet able to grow the seed yet, though many have held it.


Steelflower Chak: a powerfully-built man with a hard head and harder plants. His wrestling vines are most well known for their grey flowers and extremely broad leaves (which signify a sturdy vine). Often arrested for drunken brawling.

Dyedif the Sharpstar: a tall, elegant gardener of flamboyant fashions and even more flamboyant vines. His vines are known for having brightly colored thorns. He is known to be quite rich, and holds moderate authority in his land.


Gardening, by LOLICO BOX

The Vinesinger: a mysterious woman who seems to wander the land, quietly competing in numerous vine wrestles. She has a quiet demeanor, and hides her identity under face wraps. Her plants have vivid flowers and no thorns, instead relying on supreme speed and strength to defeat every foe who stands before her. Many challengers wish to seek her out and become the first to conquer her plant.

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