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Magic powers

These powers do not require a magic focus or ritual to use, and take one round to perform. Each power occupies one skill slot, and whenever you use one make a magic check or become strained. They can be granted by powerful figures or unstable concoctions, but do not trust wizards who offer great power (they are, at best, completely uncertain as to the safety of their procedure). Roll 2d6 to pick one at random.

meditation by Anna LAKISOVA

1. Callinary
  1. Angelic wings: grow a pair of wings powerful enough to carry you for an hour. You can grant this power to a number of creatures equal to your magic bonus by touching them, and those who have flown before will be slightly faster in the air.
  2. Charybdal cud: catch any amount of liquid in your mouth, and up to an hour later vomit up 1d6 gallons of the same liquid.
  3. Homunculus: spawn an exact duplicate from your body for a minute. It has all of your physical and mental attributes, but no items or magic.
  4. Possession's loyalty: hold up an item and burst it into shimmering dust, followed by all nearby items of the same type floating gently toward you.
  5. Wall of bread: conjure a barrier of hard bread which can block hallways, impede movement, or protect against ranged attacks. If crumbled and sifted through, up to 1d6 rations worth of it is edible.
  6. Wind from the East: call upon a gust from the lands where the sun rises. It may put out small fires, spread large ones, and completely ruin an orderly study if you're in one

Spring Spell by Kasia Zielinska

2. Energetized
  1. Impenetrable aura: a sphere of unbreakable force swells around you, which cannot be broken as long as you stay still and focused.
  2. Luminance: with your touch, any object or being starts to shine brightly for an hour, in any color you choose.
  3. Prismatic barrage: launch a stream of multicolored flaming spears that strike your target for 2d6 damage, but splay out to hit 1d6 random targets for 1d6 damage each.
  4. Spectral chain: arcane bonds wrap around a nearby target, paralyzing them for up to one minute unless they can burst the chains. The chains do not tie them to the ground.
  5. Sol's quill: your finger carves a glowing trail upon any solid surface. It can be made to hide until something specific happens, and other powers can be tied to cast once it is revealed, but they will be trapped within and cannot be used during that time.
  6. Stormtongue: at your word, lightning strikes a target for 3d6 damage, though it will be halved if they dive away fast enough. One round after, a random similar target will be struck, such as a person if a person was targeted, or a building if a building was targeted.

Dark Sorceress by Richard Bryce Gore

3. Enhancerous
  1. Embolden body: grant 10 temporary vigor to a creature with a touch, even if they are wounded.
  2. Extend: at your touch, a creature such as yourself will just above double in height (about five meters for a human). The result is stretched out and lanky, gaining no additional strength or agility.
  3. Giant's might: at your touch, a creature such as yourself swells in strength to an unreasonable degree, gaining +3 strength but -3 agility.
  4. Shadewalk: your touch shrouds a creature in shadow for an hour, which makes them invisible when out of light for +2 stealth.
  5. Sovereign stance: take a sacred pose that makes you invincible and unmovable for 1d6 rounds.
  6. Stimulate: touch a creature to hasten their feet, allowing them to run and fight for 1d6 rounds, or granint +5 speed.

Immovable by Lee Yeong gyun

4. Materialine
  1. Adherent: with both hands, link two unliving objects with an unbreakable bond for one minute.
  2. Alchemist's boon: when you touch a metal object, it liquifies for one round before hardening in whatever shape and position it has poured into.
  3. Belonging: for one hour you appear as a servant working for one of the local authorities. You can also grant this appearance to a number of creatures equal to your magic bonus by touching them.
  4. Composition: know the materials of any object you touch. If they are materials you don't know, glean basic information about its properties.
  5. Holy word: animate a clay idol to act at your command for an hour. Larger golems may be stronger, but also vastly heavier. Used on a true golem, it can be used to add, remove, or change one word from its Command.
  6. Ironhand: strengthen one limb against heat of all kinds for 1d6 minutes.

[ l o t u s ] by princessofcubes

5. Mentalistic
  1. Courier root: connect to the roots of all plants to reach someone you can picture clearly, regardless of distance for a minute.
  2. Glean memories: view a random secret of someone you can see.
  3. Mind stamp: with a look, you can force a target to do any one thing. If it is obviously dangerous, they may resist with will +4.
  4. Pigmentary thoughts: the momentary thoughts of someone nearby become visible to you, showing what they are planning for a round.
  5. Share tongues: speak to any one creature for up to a minute.
  6. Speech puppet: throw an invisible thread around someone nearby, allowing you to make them say whatever you want for 1d6 rounds, though they may move and act otherwise as normal.

Psychic by Oli Lee

6. Translatory
  1. Move without touch: pass through solid objects aside from natural ground for a round, carrying items with you.
  2. Polymorph: transform yourself or a touched target into a random animal for an hour. Items remain within or are spirited away safely until they return.
  3. Repetrify: transform creatures into stone or stone into meat. Creatures will remain in stone for an hour or until freed, and up to a half meter by one and a half meters of stone can become uncertain meat, up to 1d6 rations worth of which is edible.
  4. Shift alignment: touch an object and switch its weight to make it fall in any direction for one minute.
  5. Touch of winter: freeze a liquid by touching it. The longer this power is maintained, the more water can be frozen. A gallon freezes in a round, a tub in a minute, a pool in an hour, and a lake in a day.
  6. Twigs to serpents: hold either end of lengths of wood in each hand, and animate them into snakes that will obey one command before behaving as wild snakes. At most, a human can produce 1d4 snakes that would be useful in combat. Special woods will result in enchanted snakes, and tiny, harmless snakes can be created without strain.

Whenever someone gains a power, roll for a vulnerability
  1. Blood
  2. Feathers
  3. Salt
  4. Copper
  5. The caster's name
  6. Green leaves

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